About My Dogs

I have 3 Border Collies, all of which were rescued from Irish pounds.

I have changed their lives and they have changed mine.

All of my dogs were originally rescued from Ireland but re-homed through Scottish Rescue Centres. Cassie was my first border collie, she came along in 2010 aged approx 2 years from Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue. Breagh arrived aged 9 months in 2013, a rickle of bones and very smelly from Morgans Rescue Cumbria and Jess stole my heart in 2018 aged 7 months and being feral she needed a lot of work to settle in to a home life. All my spare time is spent with them and this is where my passion for being around dogs has come from.

As they are rescue dogs, that didn't trust humans, they required a lot of patience and understanding, but above all they needed lots of love and happiness. My dogs have been trained by using positive reward. No harsh methods are used.


Cassie has gone from being a shy, frightened stray with a fear of humans to a Grade 7 Agility Dog competing all over the UK. She finished 3rd place in Rescue Agility Scotland League 2013. She has also gained her Bronze and Silver Good Citizen Awards. She was rescued through Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue and was previously named Princess. She lives up to the name perfectly! Breagh spent the first 11 months of her life in a barn in Ireland and survived on very little. She had no contact with humans or the outside world. Rescued through Morgans Dog Rescue, Alston, Cumbria she has grown into a stunning lady with a very cheeky side to her.

Cassie on Arran
Cassie on Arran


Breagh loves to play with other dogs. She is now a Grade 7 agility dog. The pictures below show Breagh as she was then and now.

Breagh then
Breagh Then
Breagh now
Breagh Now


Newest addition is Jess, a Black Tri Colour Border Collie. She is another Irish rescue from Morgans Rescue Centre. She came to me aged 7 months and very frightened of home environment being from a feral background. She has started her agility training and is growing up to be a beautiful young lady.

Jess then
Jess Then
Jess now
Jess Now

They are all Kennel Club Registered and fully vaccinated.